Mireia Ros and Carla Subirana to participate at the SEWSA Conference

Directors Mireia Ros and Carla Subirana, both EWA members, were invited to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to participate in the SEWSA Conference.

In the context of the  2014 conference "Ebb and Flow of Feminism" by the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association (SEWSA), both directors participated in a Q&A after the screening of their films, invited by Prof. Maria Cami-Vela.

Mireia Ros (Barcelona, Spain) is an actress, scriptwriter, singer, producer, editor and director. She is one of the founders of CIMA (Association of Women Directors in Film and the Media in Spain), an association dedicated to the promotion of women in the film industry. Over the past few years, she has used her public image to draw attention to gender inequality in her profession and to social issues related to the economic global crisis. As an actress she has worked on 19 films with prestigious Spanish directors such as Emilio M. Lázaro, Jordi Bayona, Ricardo Franco, J. Antonio Bardem and Marc Recha, amongst others. She has also acted in 8 plays and 13 TV movies and TV series. Her latest work as an actress is in the horror film genre: Rec 3: Genesis (2012) and Asmodexia (2014). Her career as a director began in 1996 with the feature La Moños (1997), a fictional reconstruction of the life of a seamstress who goes mad after her child is robbed by the lover´s family in 1930s Barcelona. Her second film, El Triunfo (2005), is a love story with Catalan’s rumba music and dance that also captures the drug and crime conflict between Legion veterans, gypsy gangs and the new wave of African immigrants that start to arrive to Barcelona during the 1980s. Her third theatrical release, Barcelona abans (2010), is a documentary of the history of Barcelona told through photographs, original film footage and other memorabilia left by some of the most successful and respected Catalan families. Other works of Mireia Ros as director are the TV movies Wendy Placa (2009), El Zoo de Pitus (2000) and Junts (1999).


Carla Subirana (Barcelona, Spain) is a scriptwriter and a film director with a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University. She is a professor at the Ramón Llull University.

She has always combined film and television work thoughout her career. Inspired to work in the field of documentaries by director Jean-Louis Commolli and after collaborating with different filmmakers, like Joaquim Jordà, Carla Subirana developed her own cinematographic vision. In 2008, she directed her first feature Nadar, an autobiographical documentary in which the director uses her grandmother Alzheimer’s illness as a metaphor to portray the irretrievable loss of information about personal and collective experience in Civil War and post-war Spain. In 2010, she started Pandora Cinema, which produced her second film Volar, a first ever look into the world and the thoughts of rookie airforce pilots, men and women who are trained to be soldiers in Spain. In 2011, Subirana traveled to Mozambique to direct the episode Madalena as part of the featurefilm Kanimambo, produced by Hispanocineand Eddie Saeta. In a country hit by war, hunger and AIDS, the director gives visibility to African women and their struggle for survival.

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