Roser Aguilar to release Brava

Director Roser Aguilar will release her 2nd feature film "Brava"


Roser Aguilar (EWA member) releases her second feature film ("Brava") after premiering at Malaga Film Festival. 10 years after her acclaimed debut at Locarno Film Festival, Roser Aguiler delivers "Brava", wrote and directed by her. Paloma Mora is one of the producers of the film, shot in Valencia and Barcelona.


Janine’s life seems to be going well, but one day she is attacked on the underground and everything falls apart. Trying to escape her inner torment, she seeks refuge in the village where her father now lives. She hides her injuries from everybody and tries to relax, but instead of finding peace she comes face-to-face with her dark side.


In difficult times, in a wrecked, hard and often fool world, how could you manage to overcome pain?
BRAVA focuses on Janine, a woman with an unhappy, empty life who suffers a brutal attack and finds herself forced to find the way to move on. Her attempts to run away from everything, even from herself, just bring her to sink with her weaknesses into her dark side. Janine must put herself together if she wants to take again the control of her life.