“Decorado” selected at la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

The shortfilm"Decorado" by Alberto Vázquez has been selected at la Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. The film has been produced by UNIKO Bilbao, alongside the Galician production company Abano Producions (run by EWA member Chelo Loureiro) and the French production company Autour de Minuit.

Synopsis: The world is a wonderful stage, but its characters are disgraceful.

The Directors' Fortnight is a parallel section at the Cannes Film Festival created by the Societe des réalisateurs du films with the aim of discovering films by young authors.

"Decorado" is the third short film by Alberto Vazquez, an author who has a personal and unique narrative universe, which uses humor to reflect on  the absurdity of life.

The story is an existentialist fable starring anthropomorphic animals, that talks about fate and human freedom. It is a 2D animation film that won last year´s award for the Best Short Project at the Festival Cinema Jove.