Crowdfunding campaign for NIGHT SHIFT by Izaskun Arandia

Support this touching story and a cast and crew 75% made up of women!

Night Shift story was written 8 years ago while the director, Izaskun Garmendia was living in London’s Stoke Newington. A unique place and huge socio-economic differences could be seen in the neighbourhood. People working on TV and film lived there but also a lot of immigrants. The glamourous middle class mixed with the unemployed and the poorest with amazing easiness. There she met Mery, a woman from Bolivia, an illegal immigrant. She lived in the flat above the director, in a shabby bedsit with 4 other family members. She had to flee Bolivia and leave her 5 children and husband. She worked day and night and used the money she saved to bring her family membersto Europe one by one. When Izaskun met her she only had one son and one daughter left to bring.

They used to have long chats and she always saw a heartbreaking sadness in her eyes. The loss of her children was unbearable to her and she cried everyday thinking about them.

Mery was Izaskun’s inspiration to write NIGHT SHIFT, now translated and adapted the script to be shot in San Sebastian this September.

A small bit of funding was received last year and with some investment from the production company they decided to carry on with the production. The money that they raise in this campaign will be used to cover postproduction costs.


Night has fallen on the outskirts of San Sebastian. MERY (45) gives her cigarrette a few last drags leaning against the only window in her shabby bedsit.She recently moved to San Sebastian from her homeland in South America leaving her two children behind and their loss is unbearable when she is alone.She gets a bus into town every night, as she works the night shift as a cleaner at a San Sebastian theatre.She arrives after the show. The public and the actress have left and the theatre is empty.Mery starts cleaning the hall area, slowly and with the apathy that comes with doing a job without motivation.But tonight’s shift won’t be the same monotonous thing for Mery. Today she will access the only room she has ever cleaned: the actress’ dressing room. And this change her life... if only for a few minutes.