Documentary against abortion law changes

Collective documentary: Spanish women unite against abortion law changes

60 spanish female filmmakers will unite to shoot a collective documentary in opposition to the Law against abortion proposed by the Spanish government.

The film will be shot entirely on 1 February, the date the demonstrations will be held in Madrid.

"El TREN de la LIBERTAD" ("The Train of Freedom") is the name of the journey which will bring women from throughout Spain to Madrid to demonstrate against the new legislation which is at drafted and which will put restrictions on women being able to have an abortion. Trains and buses will leave 30 Spanish cities and will all arrive at Atocha Railway Station.

The most important women in the Spanish film business (producers, directors, writers, DoPs and sound operators, many of whom are members of EWA Network and CIMA - the Spanish network of female audiovisual professionals) have worked quickly to be able to cover these journeys and the demonstration march to Congress where a small group of people have been invited to deliver a letter ("Because I choose") to the Justice Minister who has put forward this draft which is against women’s rights. All of the women demonstrating want to keep the law exactly as it stands rather than staking many many regressive steps backwards... where women’s control over their own bodies is reduced by a male-instigated piece of legislation.

The march from Atocha Railway station to the congress will make a special stop at the Health Ministry in Paseo del Prado.

More than a thousand female artists and intellectuals have signed a manifesto against this draft and hundreds of volunteers will help to welcome the travellers on the Train of Freedom.

If you want to support this Documentary and be in the acknowledgements of the movie you can make a donation here