“Secret from the Past” production completed

Amira Kudumovic, producer of "Secret from the Past"

Ewa member Amira Kudumovic has just completed the feature film "Secret from the Past", a Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey co-production directed by RaÅŸit Görgülü.

Amira Kudumović Gorgulu is a film and theater producer. She graduated in Media production from the Academy of dramatic arts in Belgrade and since 2013, she is the president of the Association for the Development of Culture, Science and Arts ( SCENA) in Sarajevo.


Ali is twenty-three years old boy. After he discovered he has a genetic disorder, he finds out that his parents are not his real  biological parents.  He discovers that his biological parents escaped from Bosnia to Turkey during the war in Bosnia. With few information about  biological family  he goes in a search for them in Bosnia. In the hotel where he stays, he meets Hana, a girl of same age. Due to the fact that  they became close during his stay in the hotel, Hana helps  Ali. The hotel  owner Farka and keeper of graveyard Davor,  who knows Hana from her childhood, are trying to find Ali’s biological family.As the time passed, information about Ali’s biological family were fading,  and consequently  he lost his hope that they will find them. The closeness between Ali and Hana  turn into a love. After a long search, Ali finds his mother. Ali finds out that he was child,   product of rape, and also unwanted child.

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The film was financed with the support of Turkish government, Ministry of Culture, as well as sponsorship from the private sector and the invaluable support of our co-producers and partners from other countries.

Shooting of the film was held during the summer of 2016 (1 week in Istanbul and 3 weeks in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and the post-production was finished in February 2017. The production of this film gathered an experienced group of film professionals from Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and worldwide. The main roles in the film are played by Turkish actor Serkan Senalp and famous Macedonian actress Natasa Petrovic alongside international actors and actresses: Emir Hadžihafizbegovic (B&H), Amila Terzimehic (B&H); Gordana Boban (B&H); Maja Jurić (B&H), Slavko Sobin (Croatia), Haluk Piyes (Germany), Ufuk Bayraktar (Turkey); Suzan Kardes (Kosovo), Meral Cetinkaya (Turkey); Arif Erkin(Turkey); Mine Teber(Turke

"Secret from the Past” is a film that has great potential for success. Recognition topics already aroused great interest throughout the film and TV industry in the region, as the project opens a potential space to reach a large audience. In agreement with distributors, this project already made plans for theatrical distribution in the region, as well as innovative digital distribution that will be done by digital platform (DEPO Zona), but also in cooperation with the digital service providers in the region and Europe.