2:HRS crowdfunding campaign to shoot inside the Natural History Museum

What would you do if you only had two hours left? That's the question selfish teenager Tim
Edge has to ask himself when he finds out he's only got two hours to live in this uplifting action adventure.

2:HRS is about Tim, a budding graffiti artist, who at 15 is not only selfish but an expert at messing up. So what happens when Tim discovers he has only two hours to live?

While on a school trip to London's iconic British Natural History Museum, Tim finds out news that will change the course of his life forever. Tim and his best mates discover the Vitalitron, a mysterious steampunk machine that can, according to its inventor, predict the day of anyone's demise. Tim steps in and finds that his time is just two hours away.


The Producers.

EWA members, Diane Juhr-De Benedetti and Andromeda Godfrey, are an actress and screenwriter duo with over five years of experience producing award-winning short films which have been shown around the world. We've been described as "gold-dust", and we like to inject a little bit of magic into all our films.


You can help them to produce this low-budget feature film at Indiegogo. They have already secured the half of the amount requested in just 12 days.

They need £15k to secure a location agreement at the Natural History Museum, hire and feed cast and crew and dress the scene.They also can't wait to hire a production designer to create some weird and wonderful designs for the Vitalitron and turn it into a real piece of set in all its steampunk glory.