100 Femmes

100 Femmes
This project is based around three main topics: Theatre performance, company websites and documentary films.

100FEMMES is a unique project that invites women to express their points of view on the world, on their towns and on their time. It is a Multi-Disciplinary Theatre Production which embraces a variety of disciplines such as choreographic movement, image, music with a DJ on stage and text.
During the play there will be projected images, some of them shot live on stage and others which have been taken previously.

The last ones will show women from different cities acting in 100FEMMES with the purpose of allowing the audience to compare the outcome with other previous sessions. This artistic, cultural and holistic expression encourages human encounters, exchanges of views and ideas between women around the world.

Documentary film
With the information from the research, the recorded material, the making of, the shots from stage and interviews, 100Femmes will edit a documentary film in testimony to women's experiences thereby revealing their perspectives on life
and their points of view.

Check out the website for more information.