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Hemen, a proud member of the EWA family

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Hemen, Basque women working in the audiovisual industry

We're delighted to introduce Hemen, the Basque Women in Film Association, a Spanish affiliate of EWA Network with its headquarters in San Sebastian. 

Aware of the lack of visibility of women in the audiovisual sector and the performing arts, HEMEN was founded in 2015, and a year later it was officially established as an association in San Sebastian, Spain.

Boosting the visibility of women's work in the industry is one of their goals, and also advertising job offers for their members, promoting their work, and fostering networks and synergies through their social media, website and newsletters, to get hooked in their events and training courses organised throughout the year.

We had the pleasure to share with Hemen several events during San Sebastian Film Festival, such as the presentation of Gender-related statistics in the Basque/Spanish/European Industry, gathering at women's summit or their international AV training.

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