A SYMPHONY OF NOISE premieres at Reeperbahn Music Festival

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

A SYMPHONY OF NOISE, a VR work by Michela Pňačeková premieres at Reeperbahn Music Festival

Immersing in high-end soundscapes, a new sense of hearing, seeing and feeling: The virtual-reality experience "A Symphony of Noise" promises an interactive journey into everyday sounds and the music hidden therein.

An easy-to-handle algorithmic system turns visitors into composers of their own everyday soundtracks. The premiere of this event, inspired by the musician and producer Matthew Herbert, can be experienced at the Reeperbahn Festival 2019!

Author and Creative Director: Michaela Pnacekova
Author and Co-Creative Director: Jamie Balliu
Producers: Michaela Pnacekova, Stefan Kloos
Co-Producer: Jamie Balliu
Visual and Technical Lead Unity: Paul Kirsten (prefrontal cortex)
Composer, Sound Designer and Developer: Phivos-Angelos Kollias
Produced by: Kloos & Co Medien
Co-Produced by: UPCreatives, VRHAM!, Reeperbahn Festival

Michaela Pnacekova (born 1981 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia) is an interactive creator and producer of new media. Until May 2019, she's headed the Kloos & Co Medien documentary film production subsidiary in Leipzig Kloos & Co. OST where she produced documentaries and interactive projects.

The documentaries SCARS by Agnieska Zwiefka and WATERPOOF by Daniela König (EWA Award at DOK Leizig 2017) will be launched this year. In 2017, she created and produced her first interactive app Pre-Crime Calculator as a marketing tool for the launch of the documentary film PRE-CRIME.

She is also developing the Pre-Crime detective reality game that she has workshopped and pitched at IDFA Forum 2017. Her first feature length documentary project BORDER CUT by Igor Chojna won Special Mention at the Bosch Stiftung East European Co-Production Prize 2014 and premiered in Documentary Competition at Warsaw Film Festival in 2018. She also worked on the Oscar® nominated documentary LAST MEN IN ALEPPO as the German production coordinator which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2017.

Her first VR project A Symphony of Noise as co-author, director and producer is going to be premiered at Reeperbahn Music Festival in September 2019. As the German co-producer, she is in development of another mixed reality co-production between Eyesteel Film (CA), National Filmboard of Canada and schnellebuntebilder (DE).

She is also currently developing the webseries PLAYGIRL through MIDPOINT TV Launch workshop. She lives and works in Toronto and from September 2019 she started a full-time practice based PhD program at York University in Toronto to explore new media in greater depth.