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YAPIMLAB/EWA Training: Production Strategies

YAPIMLAB continues its journey as an organization that focuses on the concept of “Creative Production” in independent cinema, followed by those with a young spirit, who think young, who want to dedicate their lives to this profession regardless of age and time.

The follow-up to YAPIMLAB & EWA's first workshop titled “New Methods in Film Production” held in 2014 in İstanbul will soon take place under YAPIMLAB Research Meetings 2, with the title “Next Generation Methods in Film Production 2: New Methods in Developing Production Strategies”.

The relationship of cinema as a young art to emerging communication technologies enables new potentials for creativity every day. Supporting the audiovisual production capabilities of cinema, YAPIMLAB and EWA are bringing together producers, directors, screenwriters, writers, film students, film industry professionals, distributors, new media strategists, crowdfunding experts and producers and creators who are looking to learn about film production and seeking support and partnerships, from Turkey and around the world.

This two day training program to be held at the Taksim Opera Hotel on 28-29 April 2015 with the collaboration of EWA and YAPIMLAB is open to everyone. We will be notifying you about all details on the event in the following days.

The program, attended by guest instructors from Turkey and abroad, features training on the following subjects:

On Day 1: Co-production agreements, pitching in project development, new marketing methods and strategic screenplay analysis, within the framework of production strategies and project development, with international guest instructors. The experts in attendance are:

  • Isabelle Fauvel - “Goal-based Pitching”
  • Kobi Shely - “Expanding Target Audience on Online Platforms”
  • Francine Raveney - “Developing Co-Production Strategies”
  • Anne Gensior - “Strategic Script Analysis”


On Day 2: Film communications and new media strategies, crowdfunding, insurance and law, within the framework of production strategies and project development, with guest instructors from Turkey.


Who Can Attend?

  • Producers, directors, screenwriters, writers, film students, film professionals, distributors, new media strategists, producers and creators who are looking to learn about film production, etc.
  • All film professionals
  • Film students
  • People who follow up with innovations in the film industry
  • Marketing content producers for the film industry


At this event, you can:

  • Get to know about new worldwide trends in film production and form new partnerships
  • Discover new ways to use traditional and digital marketing and delivery methods together
  • Discover how to use alternative film financing models at the production stage of your film
  • Learn how to protect your film at the production and screening stages
  • Learn about the methods of the future and get a chance to create alternative distribution and financing for your own project
  • Come together with experts from Turkey and all over Europe who specialize about these subjects
  • Expand your network and meet new industry professionals and colleagues
  • Discover new methods for your projects.


Simultaneous translation will be available at the event. Lunch and treats are included in the attendance fee.


To participate, please contact iletisim@yapimlab.com, or call Ayşegül Yeşim at (212) 252 4556 between 10:00 - 18:00.