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Women at San Sebastian Film Festival

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Women in the Audiovisual meeting at San Sebastian Film Festival

(H)emenHer(e), the Basque association of Women in Film alongside EWA NETWORK and Cima Mujeres Cineastas have discussed the statistics and presence of women in creative and technical positions in the Basque, Spanish and European Film Industry.

The Basque Observatory for the Audiovisual was also invited to the conference, to reveal some key facts about the Basque Cultural sector. This is the first time that this gender debate has taken place at the 64 San Sebastian International Film Festival. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long friendship with the most important Spanish festival, which takes place in the stunning San Sebastian.

Izaskun Arandia, president of (H)emenHer(e), Basque women in film association was the moderator of the debate.

Lourdes Aranguren, Director of the Observatory for the Basque Culture
Aintzane Larrabeti, Observatory of the Basque Culture, Gobierno Vasco
Nieves Maroto, distributor and Member of CIMA’s board
Alessia Sonaglioni, Director EWA Network

The Basque Observatory for the Audiovisual has started to collect and monitor data in the cultural and audiovisual sector. The first conclusions are devastating, there’s a 19% of wage-gap between men and women in the cultural sector and 3 out of 4 responsibility positions are taken by men whereas 60% of the students in this sector are women. This study will be published later this year but we can only congratulate the Basque Country Government for collecting this kind of data. The Cultural representative of the Basque Government Josean Muñoz also attended the panel.

Nieves Maroto shared the latest report about Women working in Spanish Films.

Alessia Sonaglioni shared the conclusions and key findings on EWA’s pan-European Research "Where are the women directors in European Films?"

The Keler room was plenty of women working in the sector, as distributor Miren Aperribay, professor Olatz Beobide, filmmakers as Isabel de Ocampo, Maru Solores, Alexia Muíños, Ane Urkiola, journalists as Kristina Zorita.

For more information on the Basque database on Women working in Film Industry, check (H)emenHer(e) website.

For data on European Research on Women directors, write to contact@ewawomen.com or check here