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The Pill, produced entirely online and shot in Barcelona by Louise Brix Andersen

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Conceived online and shot following COVID safety protocol, The Pill is now in post-production

EWA member Louise Brix Andersen is the writer and dirtector of the film.

What can filmmakers do when lockdown takes over? To write and plot.

This is what a collaborative Facebook group of film industry people,  founded by Hollywood film editor and industry mentor, Tina Imahara, came together to create The Pill - a short film with a story that in many ways speaks to our current situation with the pandemic and its challenges. The film was written and directed by Danish film director Louise Brix Andersen.

"When a young woman steps through the doors of the company Alas, it is with the clear goal of leaving the life she knows of behind her. One room. One small pill. One life changing decision."


People from all over the world - Hollywood, Miami, Holland, India, and Barcelona to name a few - united to bring to life to this important story about mental health while in the midst of a global pandemic. Despite the limitations of COVID-19, these filmmakers wanted to show the world that when you have hopes, dreams, and passion... nothing can stop you.

Pre-production, including meetings, casting, rehearsals, and preparations, were done 100% remotely by individuals who had never met in person. The short was filmed in Barcelona, Spain with the talented actresses Tina Jawidan, Sanna Toivanen and Miriam Marcet Farreny. Produced by award-winning filmmakers, Miami-based Elaine Roberts and Los Angeles Executive Producer, Tina Imahara.

The team is proud to announce that the film was shot in November 2020 in a safe environment following COVID-19 safety protocols in Barcelona.

Currently, the film is in post-production in Los Angeles where it is being edited by three-time Emmy nominee Sean Montgomery and scheduled to be completed early 2021 for a film festival campaign.

The filmgroup is still fund raising. You can check their website here

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