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Anaïs Bertrand at Berlinale Talents

French producer and EWA member Anaïs Bertrand will participate in this year’s Berlinale Talent Campus.

Anaïs Bertrand founded Insolence Productions in 2012. Insolence Productions dedicates a part of its editorial line in developing and producing films “on the edge”, where fantasy, horror or anticipation only make incursions without necessarily being subject to all their respective codes. Furthermore, when we focus on developing more “classic” works, we trust the directors to inspire the narration by their mise-en-scène. We are also interested in creative documentaries. "De poils et de plastique" by Sarah Seené, about the Outside Art sculptor Lucas Brastad, is currently in post production after 5 years of shooting. While "Invisible Things Hide in the Shadows" by Jean-Baptiste Durand, about the painter Kader Benchamma, started its career in festivals ( à citer). Producing demanding documentaries that create a mise en abîme of the artist’s work is challenging. But taking risks is part of our job.

Indifferently funded with the participation of TV channels, the Regions, the CNC, the PROCIREP-ANGOA or the ADAMI, the 14 short films building our catalog made the company eligible to the CNC "Aide au Programme". Thanks to this support, we wrapped Marc-Henri Boulier’s second short film: Juliet, a nihilist tale about the rise of a sexual android.

We maintain long-term relationships with our directors. We believe in mutual engagement of a very determined and demanding process. Our relationship with the directors allows us to seek and explore their singularity whilst building a stable and genuine professional reputation. We want to cross with them the bridge that links short films to long feature films. For independent production companies, short films remain the best way to discover and hatch new talents.

We aim to possess a strong identity and develop singular films in featuring the company’s open-minded identity and exhibiting a bold and modern high-standard cinematography.

You can check Insolence Production's showreel here.