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Patrizia Fregonese’s Where have all our dreams gone? successfully continues its festival career

Che fine hanno fatto i sogni? receives a special mention by the Italian National Press Association

Italian filmmaker Patrizia Fregonese has just released her new film, Where have all our dreams gone?. The film received a Special Mention by SNGCI - Italian National journalists’ Order during the Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, in Milan..


More than 50 years have passed since a man said I have a dream. That man was Martin Luther King. In the world young people fought for justice and human rights. Everything seemed possible…Where have all those dreams gone? What the young dream of today? It seems that many young people find it diffcult to dream. Many say that they are superfcial, just look at the Cosplayers…A kind of multicolored, naif stupid game. But is it really like that? Or maybe not? Not an analysis, just a thought.

The film has been selected at Fic Monterrey - Monterrey Film Festival in Mexico, RIFF, Rome Independent Film festival, in Rome,  Italy, at Benin City Film festival, Africa, Sguardi Altrove Film festival - Milano, Italy where it had a Special Mention by SNGCI - Italian Journalists National Syndicate,  at Athens Monthly Art Film Festival, in Greece, where it had an other  Honorable Mention, and Jiff , Jaipur Film festival, in India


Patrizia Fregonese de Filippo is a writer, director, producer. After getting her languages degree in Rome, where she lives, she travelled around as a flight attendant. She was a ghost writer, dialoguist and script writer for different writers/directors.

In 2003 she co-directed her first short S-vamp-ink, the most clicked on the net according to ShortVillage. Some of her poems were published by Pagine in a collection: Contemporary Poets. She recently founded her Production Kalabrone Film. Her short “Verrà cantando il sangue ” had a special mention at Venice Days Bookciack- Bookciack and H. her documentary FEED THE PEACE was Best Film at A Film for Peace Film Festival, presented as a Special Event at Arcipelago  Film Festival in 2009 for  "All the world rights" and awarded in 2010 - Babel Tv Award  in Milan at IMA FILM FESTIVAL