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New EWA Award to a Female Writer at Torino Film Lab Meeting Event

New Award to a project written by a female writer at Torino Film Meeting Event

In our endeavour to support female creatives, EWA Network has partnered with Torino Film Lab, to present an award in one of the oldest training initiatives that they have been running, the ScriptLab, a screenwriting programme open to writer/directors developing a script for a feature film.

Historically, very few women have been acknowledged for their writing efforts. The lack of gender parity in the industry is no secret, hence we aim to seek out female talent and support their projects to bring more diversity and character richness.

In this edition, there are projects from Belgium, France, Kosovo/North Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Spain and Ukraine, all of them thought-provoking and covering a wide range of genres.


Alexia Muiños Ruiz will present the award on Saturday 26 of November during the Torino Film Meeting event.

Check the brochure to find out more about the eligible projects.