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MRST W1 in Glasgow

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

Multiple Revenue Stream Training W1 started up in Glasgow

The first workshop of EWA Network flagship training course has been a great start for envisaging marketing strategy, audience building philosophy and getting your hands on how to design tailor-made crowdfunding campaigns for the projects of the participants.

The Whisky Bond co-working space offered an inspiring location to learn from these wonderful tutors and work on the projects, alongside sculptors, music producers and new labels and start-ups. Tutors and trainers included:

Emily Best, film producer and entrepreneur founder of Seed&Spark, film-centric crowdfunding and VOD distribution platform. Emily charmed the audience with her great storytelling, making her masterclasses a complete experience about building and engaging your audience.

Kobi Shely, Head of Marketing at Distrify Media. He is an online media professional with over ten years of experience in marketing, with a focus on B2B marketing support & execution. He worked with the participants to help everybody reach their targets through various publisher integrations. Kobi enlightened us with the latest online marketing techniques that lead projects to a succesfull audiecne engagement.

Francine Raveney talked about international co-productions and funds and institutions you can apply for development and gap financing.

Miranda Fleming from Indiegogo explained the Global development of crowdfunding for film.

Holly Aylett from Birkbeck College, threw a masterclass on European Cultural Policy.

Sonia Mariaulle shared with us her art in trailer movie making, hopefully we will get such beautiful footage as she was able to produce.

Sonja Henrici from the Scottish Film Institute explained the case study "I am breathing" and how having a devoted marketing and online outreach expert (PMD) can really make a difference to the reach a documentary can have.

First assignments being sent out this week!

Now it's time to work, we'll see each other in Amsterdam in October. So long Glasgow!