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MRST Workshop I starting up!

Multiple Revenue Stream Training Course will start in Glasgow on 26-28 June.

The first workshop will deal with crowdfunding, marketing, trailer making and combining public and private equity. Emily Best from Seed & SparkKobi Shely and Andy Green from Distrify Media will be our tutors for the course and the workshop will also include masterclasses by Miranda Fleming from Indiegogo Holly Aylett from Birkbeck College, Sonia Tout Court - specialist in trailer making - and Sonja Henrici from the Scottish Documentary Institute.

The lucky participants whose projects include fiction, documentaries and crosss media include:

1. Sarah Beddington, UK. Director. "Birds of the Air".

Birds of the Air explores the subject of return to the divided land of Israel and the Palestinian territories through the story of one particular refugee and her family.

2. Ludovica Fales, Italy. Director. Hybrid fiction-documentary feature, "Zaga".

Zaga, a 17 year gypsy girl born in a gypsy camp, runs away with her boyfriend to transcend the limitations imposed on her by society. Born in Rome but without a birth certificate, Zaga is looking for freedom and her identity as a woman in an unwelcoming world.

3. Chloé Gosselin, France. Producer. Experimental short film. "Farewell".

12, the last moments of a victim sacrificed to the power of nature. Praise to nature's strength and a look at the indifference of nature and the place of mankind.

4. Essi Haukkamaa. Finland. Producer. Magical realism drama. "Maiden of Dusk"

The love story between the three, Sonja, Niko, and Thomas might become a dream-come-true. But the unplanned pregnancy and her fatal brain disease force Sonja to face a painful decision. Are the three able to change the end of their story - the cause written by the inevitable death?The love story between the three, Sonja, Niko, and Thomas might become a dream-come-true. But the unplanned pregnancy and her fatal brain disease force Sonja to face a painful decision. Are the three able to change the end of their story - the cause written by the inevitable death?

5. Nicholas Holdsworth. UK. Writer & Journalist. Documentary cross-media. "Napoleon Lost Imperial's Gold"

Fear. Greed. Desperation.When an army becomes a mob and gold is involved blood will be spilt. Film history. Dig for gold. The true story of the day Europe's proudest military formation died.

6. Mariana Jukica. Croatia. Producer/Director. Drama. "Coke, Champagne & Cigarettes"

Scared of love. Addicted to the end. Together. Alone.

7. Deirdre Levins. Ireland. Producer. Horror feature. "P.O.V"

Dana, a track coach, survives a hit and run only to awake in hospital almost completely paralysed and trapped inside her own body. While recovering she becomes convinced an evil presence exists inside her hospital room. And as the hauntings become more disturbing and violent, it becomes apparent it's not just her at risk, but also her beloved daughter Gemma.

8. Sheena Macrae. UK. Producer/Director. Animation Series. "Clearies"

The five Clearie Girls while only 12 cm in height are guardians of the luminescent forest, Katto. Each Clearies has unique talents such as a scientific sleuth or animal healer. They all have a magical object that is enchanted with their truthful deeds. While each Clearie has special gifts, they know that as a team – they are better together.

9. Miljana Martinovic. Serbia. Producer. Feature. "White City Blues"

An uptight English woman and impetuous Serb hunt down the man they both love before the mob gets there first.

10.Alexia Muiños Ruiz. Spain. Producer/Director. Comedy-Drama. "Trout singing in the Summer"

Sent to spend the summer in the countryside with grumpy Granny in punishment for her grades, 13-year old Aldara dreams about running away from such a boring place without internet. There she finds out a whole new world and stays on to have the most exciting summer of her life

 11.Suzanne Pradel. Germany. Writer.

Suzanne is connected to the German producers' network and wishes to learn/ share best practices on online marketing and distribution

12.Claudia Tosi. Italy. Producer/Director. Documentary. "I had a Dream"

What happens to Democracy when trust between electors andtheir political representatives breaks down? The film explores theweaknesses of Democracy through the everyday life of Manuelaand Daniela, a Deputy of the Chamber and a City Assessor, twoordinary women and best friends, with an extraordinary passion for politics.

13. Marit Van del Eshout. The Netherlands. Rotterdam Film Festival.

As Head of Industry, Marit is managing the Tiger Release Project, which aims to promote and stimulate worldwide international distribution of the films selected by the Festival

14. Timo Veltkamp.The Netherlands.Producer/Director. Drama. "Isle of Contentment"

Once lauded journalist is sent to remote island to interview recluse writer.

15. Marija Vukic. Serbia. Producer. Drama. "Mouth full of Dus".

A middle aged scientist learns that he is deadly sick so he is preparing for a trip to visit his fatherland. Climbing the hills he suddenly spots 2 hunters who start to chase him. By the end of the day he succeeds to run away from them but not from his own death.

16. Katarzyna Wojcicka. Poland.Producer/Director. Documentary. No title

In January Malawi suffered massive flooding that affected two thirds of the country, and many villages have lost all their crops. This documentary will study if, through matrimonial networks (such as intermarriage), farmers are able to rebuild their farms and villages. Floods are recurrent in Malawi but this year's disaster was especially destructive. With ongoing climate changes, it is important to study how well small farming societies are capable to adapt and overcome such events, without the need for GM crops or the intervention of the government/NGOs.

Inkeri Lundgren (OBSERVER). Finland. Representative from CE

MRST4FF is a Training course supported by Creative Europe-MEDIA.