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Pitch Producers Beyond Borders Selection

9 creative talents will pitch at our first networking pitching initiative with Wscripted

We are excited to introduce the nine talents who will pitch at our online event on March 28th

The event will start at 18:30 CEST and will finish at 20h

Fany de la Chica

Dawn (Drama)

Triana, an Andalusian jazz singer based in New York, is forced to travel back to her roots through flamenco and face the problematic relationship with her mother

Louise Brix Anderson 

Sisterhood (Horror)

 A strong-minded woman infiltrates a manipulative all-female cult with the intentions of rescuing her sister, but discovers that it was never the women she had to fear, and the real threat is something far more sinister.

Mel Piper

Bleed (Drama-Fantasy)

When she connects with a carnivore train conductress, a café owner in a vegetarian community unlocks her personal evolution and participates in nature’s self-regulating forces

Stephie Theodora

Wavering Identities (Documentary)

A surreal and imaginative cinematic look at the life of the Pomaks, a peculiar Muslim minority scattered in the mountainous border regions of Greece and Bulgaria.

Nazli Pinar Aydin

The Hunchback (Drama)

What happens to the void left behind by loss? And how does one become in that void?

Maria Antonietta Mariani

Aida's Spare Parts (Documentary)

Aida, a Tunisian woman, is the owner of a spare parts store in Rome. Daily she challenges a male world: mechanics, taxi-drivers, Oualid her husband, Amin her son.

Swati Srivastava

Infidel (Drama)

A powerful drama set in Afghanistan over a period of 40 years that is brought to life through the eyes of TWO female protagonists; AISHA and ZOYA, whose journey mirrors the journey of Afghanistan.

Gabriella A. Moses

El Timbre de Tu Voz (Drama)

Mallika Kavadi

Kleptomania (Dramedy)

A lost young man steals gold from a wealthy temple setting disgruntled vigilantes and the city authorities on his trail. The amateur thief tries to benefit from the situation, but the religious get in his way

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