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Jenni Koski appointed new Executive Director of EWA Network

Jenni Koski, new Executive Director of EWA Network

We are proud to announce that the Finnish producer Jenni Koski will be the new Executive Director of EWA Network, taking over from the outgoing director Alessia Sonaglioni.

Jenni Koski will step on the new position as from September 1st.


JENNI KOSKI, Master of Arts (University of Joensuu) and Master of Creative Media (RMIT University), has a decade-long experience as a freelance filmmaker, producer and project manager in the arts and cultural sectors.

Before joining EWA Network as its new executive director, Jenni Koski has worked with gender equality in several European, Nordic and Finnish projects and positions of trust for over 7 years, building stronger framework for women to excel in their creative careers. Because of her solid experience and continuing enthusiasm for making change, Jenni is excited to start leading EWA Network into the future.