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EWA’s MRST Workshop in Strasbourg

EWA Network's Multiple revenue Stream Training in Strasbourg

We are pleased to announce that the second edition of the EWA NETWORK flagship Multiple Revenue Stream Training for Future Films course is coming to its conclusion. The second and final workshop and project pitch to a board of experts will take place from 23rd to 27th November 2016 in Strasbourg.

Topics for this workshop include:

- Online distribution using mobile technology, with Kobi Shely, marketing expert, Distrify Media

- Masterclass: alternative distibution models with Manuela Buono, Slingshot Films.

- Case Study on Alternative distribution models: Glynnis Ritter, Outreach Producer at WG Film, Malmö

- Case Study Advanced Financing: Lesley McKimm, Producer and member of the Irish Film Board, Dublin

- Alternative Distribution of documentaries: Jana Ripplova, Programme manager at KineDok, Screening of films atnon-traditional venues, Prague

- Presentation of ARTE activities with Antoinette Koering, Programme Manager

- Distributing arthouse films in VOD. Annette Wichmann, Distributor at Cinéart, Amsterdam

- Online distribution in festivals and beyond: the Festivalscope case with Mathilde Henrot, Founder and director of Festivalscope, Paris

- Presentation of EURIMAGES Fund by Susan Newman, Project Manager at Eurimages

- Working with brands/Branding and Films. Ariane Chonville, Digital clientele and diversification director at Endemol France, Paris

And private 1-2-1 meetings to wrap up participants distribution strategy

We are pleased to attend Claudia Tosi’s The Perfect Circle screening, at ARTE premises. Claudia Tosi is a graduate of the 1st MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAM TRAINING edition