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EWA Network’s event at Berlinale 2022

EWA Network's Annual Event during Berlinale

EWA Network’s annual members event was hosted on Monday 14 February. Our event was once again held online due to EFM moving into a hybrid format at a very late stage. Despite the sudden changes in the event organisation we managed to make the event a successful one with interesting speakers highlighting thematics that are important to our network in the future.

EWA Network’s short and long-term strategy will be two-fold: not only is the network focusing on creating more impact on the European audiovisual industry and film policy through active lobbying and public engagement, the network will also strengthen the position of its member community in order to enhance our members’ creative talent, professional careers and even more sustainable and strong collaboration with our partners in Europe.

Google Executive Yacine Samb

Our main speaker at the annual event was Google Executive and Public Speaker Yacine Samb who hosted a key talk on how strategy in decision-making can create systemic change for more equal and inclusive cultures to emerge not only in society but also in any structures where people are engaging with each other. Anyone in the position of power should always consider their own privileges before making decisions that influence others, because conscious actions require active commitment to change. Without active decision-making there is no real change.


Marché du Film. Aleksandra Zacharchenko

Our second speaker Aleksandra Zacharchenko presented the opportunities Marche du Film can offer to filmmakers and how Cannes is committed to changing the industry becoming more equal and inclusive in their training programs.

We also presented the upcoming collaboration EWA Network has with Cannes Marche du Film’s ImpACT Lab:


Members Only Meet ups


In our members only sessions we presented our new EWA Endorsed Showroom at Pitch the Doc, inviting members to submit their documentary projects and start using the platform as an active tool in packaging their projects for pitching and marketing purposes.



In addition, we chatted with Lithuanian filmmaker Romas Zabarauskas about the queer filmmaking community and how we can all work together bringing more opportunities for all diverse voices to come alive



In another chat room, Birgit Heidsiek, journalist and consultant was  in conversation with EWA Director of Programmes Alexia Muiños Ruiz about practical measures to make our productions more sustainable and eco-friendly. The audience enjoyed a fireside chat and learnt more about the experiences of green production in Europe.


In the 4th room we hosted Ellie Jamen, CEO and founder of  WScripted. 

The session was a lively networking opportunity for writers and directors and discussing key challenges of writing for the screen and how to connect and find appealing stories to develop.