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EWA Network announces the appointment of its new Executive Director and Director of Strategy

Anamaria Antoci and Edel Brosnan, appointed new Executive Director and Director of Strategy

The European Women’s Audiovisual Network is delighted to welcome two new team members: Ms Anamaria Antoci who is the new Executive Director, and Ms Edel Brosnan, the new Director of Strategy. Anamaria Antoci will replace the outgoing Executive Director Ms Jenni Koski, Edel Brosnan will replace the outgoing Strategy and Partnerships Manager Ms Tamara Tatishvili. Ms Alexia Muiños Ruiz remains the third part of the managerial team as Director of Programmes.

EWA would like to pay tribute to the work and achievements of both Jenni Koski and Tamara Tatishvili and thank them for leaving EWA in a stronger position. Over the past year, Jenni has fostered our existing alliances and built new partnerships. She said: “I am proud of what we have accomplished, and I am convinced that EWA will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.” During her tenure at EWA, Tamara has successfully championed the gender equality agenda at numerous film festivals, markets and industry gatherings, and enhanced EWA Network’s position. She said: "I spent three interesting years carefully observing the steady progression of the gender equality agenda in Europe and internationally. I'm convinced that EWA Network's role will remain of crucial importance in providing continuous support to female talent and improving visibility of female led stories."

The incoming team, Anamaria Antoci and Edel Brosnan, will oversee EWA Network’s two main goals for the next 12 months: expanding our outreach to the wider audiovisual sector; and reaffirming our central hub in Strasbourg, France. Anamaria is an active film producer with prior experience in cultural management; Edel has a background in screenwriting, script development, and promoting equality and diversity in film and television.

Anamaria said: “For a south-east-European woman who benefited from opportunities laid down by men, while today heading a three-female production company, I feel that beyond leadership, even more important is the way women filmmakers should trustfully work together, support and promote each other. I trust that we at EWA can learn from our cultural differences and build on our strengths and opportunities for an equal and diverse European film community.”

Edel said: “There has been real progress in terms of women’s visibility on and off-screen in recent years but there is still a lot more to be done across all audiovisual sectors, from arthouse film and streaming platforms to reality television, videogames, and augmented reality. I am looking forward to joining the amazing team at EWA to help make gender equality in our industry a reality.”

Over the next few months, the EWA Network team will host the first of a new annual series of Strasbourg Forums to explore gender and intersectionality issues with key partners. In addition to the ongoing mentoring scheme for female producers, EWA will continue to organise a curated range of activities, including masterclasses, online member hangouts, face-to-face networking opportunities at key festivals and industry events, and the yearly meeting at the Berlinale. Membership remains at €50 per year.

For more information on membership or other enquiries please contact: contact@ewawomen.com

You can meet here the EWA Network executive team and Board members.