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EWA’s MRST kicks off in Pisa

EWA Network's Multiple Revenue Stream Training kicks off in Pisa

The first out of two workshops of the innovative EWA Network training course has been a great start for getting one’s head around the latest and most relevant online marketing tools, and constructing a new understanding of audience-building philosophy. Our 14 fantastic participants now have all the tools in hand to launch the best possible campaigns for their projects.

Pisa offered an inspiring historical location to learn from these wonderful tutors and work on their projects, alongside delicious Italian cuisine and beautifully sunny weather. Each and every one of the trainers has given exclusive and enriching feedback on all the projects.

Hilla Medalia, director and producer based in Israel, enlightened everyone with her expertise on building infallible Crowdfunding campaigns.

Mirona Nicola, Gruvi collaborator on content marketing, shared her knowledge on engaging content to reach the right audience.

Kobi Shely, head of marketing at Distrify Media, has opened the cave of Ali Baba of the top notch marketing tools available to promote the participant’s projects to their best potential.

Tereza Simikova, former women’s rights journalist and documentary director with considerable experience in mentoring, lifted everyone up with her fresh and captivating energy during her masterclass, teaching the participants on how to find the right voice for their project.

Marco Dreysse, our special financing expert, gave us all a better understanding on how to combine equity and public funding for film projects.

Suzanne Pradel, Berlin based script consultant, took the time to give specialised advice to the participants on their project’s stories during one-to-one sessions.

Agathe Berman, French producer and trainer, introduced the keys to wow-factor and convincing project pitching.

Marina Marzotto, Italian producer, delivered an essential masterclass on how to work with brands and their identity to promote and finance your projects.

Now it’s time to get to work, we will see each other in Strasbourg in November. So long Pisa !