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EWA Network in Cannes 2016

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

EWA Network's Cannes agenda

Cannes 2016 was very busy and successful for EWA Network, both in terms of partnerships, and debates and also as far as the impact of our research study "Where are the women directors in European films?" is concerned.

This year, we had the pleasure to see at least a small number of female-helmed films; congratulations to the following successful women: Andrea Arnold for receiving the jury Award, Maren Ade for receiving the Fipresci Award and Houda Benyamina who received the Caméra d’Or for her film "Divines".

During this year’s Festival, EWA had the opportunity to discuss women’s under-representation in the film industry (including the scarcity of female film composers) and how to tackle this.

On Saturday 14 May. Francine Raveney, EWA Head of PR, represented EWA Network in the conference "Directing the future of film", organised by Directors UK. During this panel the BFI CEO Amanda Nevill and Head of Lottery Funding Ben Roberts explained that the BFI would now implement a 50/50 strategy. EWA report findings and Directors UK study "Who’s calling the shots" directly helped impact on that highly positive UK development.

On Sunday 15 May. EWA/Serbian Networking drinks - South-East European Pavilion. EWA’s traditional networking drinks was co-organised this year with our friends from the Film Center Serbia.

On Monday 16 May. Melissa Silverstein of Women and Hollywood and EWA Network invited representatives of women in film initiatives across the world, hosted by the SFI at the Scandinavian Terrace.

On Tuesday 17 May. European Film Music Day- EQUALITY IN THE AUDIO-VISUAL SECTOR. Francine Raveney took part in a panel organised by the European Composers and songwriters alliance and FERA, which demonstrated the vast gender inequality as far as composers are concerned. In Sweden for example female composers represent only three percent of film composers in that country.

On Tuesday 17 May. Women in Motion cocktail

On Thursday 20 May. Women in Motion talk. Melissa Silverstein and Francine Raveney discussed gender equality in the film industry during the Women in Motion talks organised by Kering and Variety.

Francine Raveney was interviewed by Al Jazeera Arabic and asked to share her thoughts on women and equality in Cannes and the role men can play to ensure greater equality.