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EWA Network at impACT LAB

EWA Executive Team as experts in impACT Lab

As a part of EWA Network's strategic outreach and new collaboration with Marché du Film, our network and executive team are acting as experts in a new initiative impACT Lab. The impACT Lab is designed to foster international co-production opportunities and guide producers to create more meaningful, sustainable and impactful films. This Lab is intended for pre-selected group of producers from several different regions in Europe. EWA Network member and mentee in the current program, Elisa Fernanda Pirir from Mer Film (NO) is participating in the impACT Lab through their regional contact.

EWA Executive Team experts:

Ada Solomon, Producer and EWA Network's Chair

Tamara Tatishvili, Strategy Manager at EWA Network

Jenni Koski, Executive Director of EWA Network

More information about impACT Lab