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EWA members at Transilvania Pitch Stop

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

TRANSILVANIA PITCH STOP featuring three EWA members

We are delighted to see EWA members, director Ioana Mischie, producer Antra Gaile and producer Olena Yershova pitching at the industry section of Transilvania Film Festival on June 20th.

Let's find out more about their projects.


Directed by Ioana Mischie (EWA member)
Produced by Andra MacMasters
Country: Romania
Production Company: STUDIOSET Production

Logline: In a society where everyone has become immortal, dying has become a luxury.

“Die, Please” is intended as a darkly humorous contemporary satire that portrays societal alienation taken to the extreme, at individual, community and planetary levels. It’s theme is the rediscovery of the human essence despite adverse contexts. Although it is a speculative fiction, it is based on a detailed research process that investigated global trends in multiple societies around the world, social, psychological and ideological phenomena that we are facing even now. The current scenario is, paradoxically, a vision that
brings together an apparently dystopian direction, but with a utopian solution. The oscillation between dystopia and utopia makes us understand that we need more balanced systems.


Directed by Cristian Pascariu
Produced by Adriana Răcășan, Antra Gaile (EWA member) & Liga Gaisa
Country: Romania, Latvia
Production Company: POINT FILM, Romania, Air Productions, Latvia First Film

Logline : After spending six unbearable months in a communist Romanianorphanage where she was abandoned by her aunt, Ana, an 11-year-  old girl, manages to escape and ends up in the dark sewers of
Bucharest. Here, she must learn to detach herself from the toxicpeople around her to be truly free.


I’ve heard about these Romanian Institutions of horror where children were basically tortured by a cruel system, but I’ve never heard of a fiction film project that tackles this idea. I was a little worried that it might be overdramatic considering the subject, but reading the materials made me realize it was approached from
a balanced perspective and treated with respect. I think this story, based on a crucial part of Romanian history that shocked and moved the world in the 1990s, needs to be told. It’s a project that tackles a challenging subject with sensitivity, and the chance to share these children’s stories motivates me
deeply as I truly believe it has tremendous potential to resonate with audiences.


Directed by Alkım Özmen
Produced by Alkım Özmen, Olena Yershova (EWA member)
Country: Turkey
Production Company: TatoFilm (Turkey/Ukraine) Meraklı Hayalperver (Turkey)  First Film

Logline :An 11-year-old boy secretly sets out to make a movie by capturingrare moments of joy in his abusive family as part of a school project  to impress the girl he loves.

Alkım directed three short fiction films that participated in international film festivals. These films showcase his ability to direct compelling stories with strong acting and a creative vision. He also worked as an assistant for prominent Turkish directors such as Yeşim Ustaoğlu and Nuri Bilge Ceylan, which can be considered the best training. ‘My Happy Family’ received production support from the Turkish Ministry
of Culture. We plan to produce it as a co- production between Turkey and Germany and are seeking partnerships from a third country. We are already in contact with Bulgaria and Serbia and are open to working with other countries as well. We are also looking for a sales agent. The project is scheduled to start shooting in 2025


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