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EWA in 2013

EWA Network’s new statutes were signed on January 26, 2013, and the new bureau headed by Isabel de Ocampo (Executive President) and Paula Ortiz (Vice President) as well as team Director Francine Raveney were all voted for on that date.

Ever since the team, including Alexia Muinos Ruiz has been working hard to set up the network in all aspects (website and social media, communication initiatives, projects, axes of work - training, research, bridge-building and advocacy) etc. Above a photo of the team with Palme d’Or winner Jane Campion who took time to offer advice at the Cannes film Festival last year, and below a photo of the team with EWA President the highly acclaimed director Isabel Coixet.

Of course there has been fund-raising, event organising, presentation of EWA in many European countries and even hosting of targeted training courses, e.g. Pitcher Perfect in October in Barcelona in association with SGAE. The year closed with a dinner organised with SAA, FERA, LUX Prize and hosted by MEP Nadja Hirsch and the team has grown over the year.

For a recap of 2013 please see the slide presentation Introducing EWA Network.

And of course stay tuned for the upcoming newsletter announcing the events and plans for 2014. Lots of work ahead...