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EWA Happy hour at Meetings on the bridge

Within the scope of the Istanbul Film Festival, the 9th edition of Meetings on the Bridge was held on 16-17 April of this year.

EWA Network was proud to be present in the happy hour, where the vice-president Zeynep Özbatur Atakan had the chance to speak about EWA’s aims and mention the training on Online marketing & Distribution which has just taken place in Istanbul (end April 2014).

The workshops during Meetings on the Bridge spotlighted twelve feature films and a documentary, along with four feature films and one documentary at post-production stage, from Turkey. A total of 100 international filmmakers came to Meetings on the Bridge to meet and network with filmmakers from Turkey and there were 450 meetings with the directors and producers of the projects and films in the workshops.

The international jury selected the winners based on presentations made after the Film Development Workshop and Work in Progress Workshop. Projects were selected to receive support from the Turkish-German Co-Production Development Fund by the fund's representatives in a separate meeting. The projects and films that won awards and were awarded funding  support were announced at a ceremony held at the Palais de France on the 17 April. The award ceremony opened with speeches by His Excellency Laurent Bili, French Ambassador to Turkey, Azize Tan, Director of the Istanbul Film Festival, and Gülin Üstün, Manager of the Meetings on the Bridge.