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EWA Diverse Voices Award to be presented at DOK Leipzig

European Women's Audiovisual Network to highlight need for equality and diversity in its new award at DOK Leipzig

For years EWA Network has supported women talent at DOK Leipzig by providing an award for women-lead projects. This year the award will be expanded for inclusiveness by adding diverse criteria for the selection of the project awarded at DOK Co-Pro Market. The new award titled “EWA Network Diverse Voices Award” honours the documentary project by a female director, helming a film which tells its story from a point of view of marginalised and underrepresented groups in the world of film and which treats its protagonists as equals.

“The work for gender equality in the audiovisual sector is not finished, on the contrast, we need stronger and more sustainable initiatives to support all women in the field of arts. This need is ever more present, not only because of the existing systemic structures, but because of the effects of the pandemic which has left deep wounds in terms of loss of employment and opportunities for women artists in the cultural and creative sectors in Europe for years to come. We need to be all the stronger pushing the envelope in order to create more sustainable and equal playing field, which in turn will increase inclusiveness in the audiovisual sector. With this new award we are showing we want to team up with partners who have similar goals to ours”, says Jenni Koski, the new executive director of EWA Network.

The winner will be selected amongst shortlisted projects from the total of Co-Pro Market selection. Amongst the shortlisted candidates will be documentaries directed by BIPOC women, LGBTQ+ women and women with little or no access to funding sources for their films. The jury will announce the prize winner at the Co-Pro Market award ceremony at the end of October.

If you want to find more about the EWA Network Diverse Voices Award and the work of European Women's Audiovisual Network, please contact Executive director, Jenni Koski