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EWA Network Annual Event in Berlin

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

EWA Annual Event in Berlin

The Signing of the Pledge, Equal Pay and Greater Gender Equality have been the topic in this year's Berlinale where EWA Network organised its annual members meeting in the rooms of Collegium Hungaricum right in the city center.

EWA Network's director Alessia Sonaglioni, greeted the crowd of members and recapped about EWA's activities throughout the year before inviting to the stage the winner of the Scriptwriter's Residency, Ivona Juka.

From left to right : Alessia Sonaglioni, Francine Raveney, Kate Kinninmont and Brigid O'Shea

Ivona Juka shared the teaser of her project Lambs in Wolfskin as well as her experience after working hand in hand with Suzanne Pradel during a month in Berlin, and attending the European Film Market.

Suzanne Pradel (left) and Ivona Juka (right)

After the introduction of the facilitators of the Daring Circles discussions, the group split to gather around the table in which they wished to participate.

For this year's Berlinale, the EWA team and members formed four different groups according to the topics of interest approached in each daring circle :

Private and Professional Life Balance with Kate Kinninmont
Kate Kinninmont introduced the audience to the topic of Combining work and family while working in the audiovisual sector.

Networking in Festivals and Markets with Brigid O'Shea
Brigid O'Shea, Head of Dok Leipzig Co-Prod Market, unveiled the secrets of Networking at Festivals and help newcomers to touch base in the EFM.

Self-Promotion in the Industry with Francine Raveney
Francine Raveney introduced the keys on how to promote oneself in the audiovisual sector

Chasing the Money with Alessia Sonaglioni
Alessia Sonaglioni helped a large group of our members into the tricky subject of chasing the money

After a coffee break the members engaged into a Speed-Networking in order to make sure that every member present meets and interacts with each other at least once. Thanks to this event, members discussed their respective projects together and exchanged contacts in order to engage again later on.

Focus on women composers

Alessia Sonaglioni introduced the talk with a focus on women composers.
Composers Christine Aufderhaar and Jasmine Reuter shared with the audience the way they craft their music for films and audiovisual content.

They spoke of the challenges they are facing in the industry being a mere 3% of the working film composers and eventually having their expertise put into question. Unequal pay is often a subject that women working in the audiovisual sector have to face.

The event was wrapped up with some drinks attended by more friends and special guests.