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Equal Opportunities Dinner with SAA, FERA and EWA network

Alexia Muiños Ruiz
Alexia Muiños Ruiz

On the eve of the LUX Prize, FERA and SAA in partnership with EWA, organised a dinner in Strasbourg to discuss equal opportunities and the challenge of building a sustainable career for female directors
in the European film industry. The dinner was hosted by Ms Nadja Hirsch, MEP and Vice Chair on the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

The event was introduced by Ms Nadja Hirsch and the keynote speaker was Ms Benja Stig-Fagerland, author of the soon-to-be-published “SHEconomy – it’s your business” who has made a significant contribution to the debate on gender balance in the Nordic countries.

Several film directors  attended the event, including the Lux Prize finalists Clio Barnard and Felix van Groeningen. Deputy Executive director of Eurimages, Isabel Castro, also attended along with other representatives from political authorities.

Special thanks go to Ms Carole Tongue, former MEP, for her support in organising the dinner and Mr Maxim Hauk, political advisor to Ms Nadja Hirsch.   

Ms Cécile Despringre and Ms Nadja Hirsch

Ms Benja Stig-Fagerland, SHEconomy and women rights specialist

Ms Elisabeth O.Sjaastad, Chief executive of FERA

Ms Beryl Richards, Director and Chair of the Women’s Committee for Directors UK

Lou Jeunet, Director and Board member of 25 Images, France

Mr Julio Talavera, Analyst from the European Audiovisual Observatory