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EWA Network in Reel Angels Event

The event will take place on 8th March, 2015, from 3 pm at Genesis Cinema (93-95 Mile End Road, London E1 4UJ), a beautiful
lovingly restored movie theatre originally built in 1912.

3pm to 4pm - An exclusive welcome networking hour in The Grindhouse
Café within the foyer of the cinema.

4pm to 6:30pm - A series of Q and A's

- Cinematographer - Polly Morgan

- Adventure Panel Moderated by Media Parents; Barbara Nicholls - DOP (Tribal Wives), Gail Jenkinson - Camera OP
(Adrift, Atlas 4D, Among the Apes), Georgie B - DOP (Shipwrecked,
Jungle Gold),

- Movies Panel Moderated by EWA; Jennie Paddon - 1st AC (Ex-Machina, Testament of Youth, The Invisible
Woman), Jen Annor - Sound Assistant (About Time), Grace Donaldson

- Grip (Byzantium).

-TV Panel Moderated by WFTV; Floor Wouters - Camera Op (Champion League Matches and Asian
Games), Lulu Elliott - Follow Spot OP (Strictly Come Dancing), Caroline Singh – Sound Assistant (Inspector Lewis, Drifters).

- Cinematographer - Nina Kellgren

7pm - Upstairs to the Paragon Bar, to countdown the live launch of the new website and interactive celebrations!