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Empowering Female Entrepreneurship

Empowering (female) entrepreneurs

On March 25th, online edition of EWA Talks hosted CEO of European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs EAVE, which is a professional training, project development and networking organization for audiovisual producers.

The Talk was hosted by Tamara Tatishvili, EWA Team member and focused on topic of  Empowering (female) entrepreneurs. Through informal conversation between the host and the speaker attendees learned more about the various training programmes offered by EAVE, how the pedagogical concepts are structured and what is the selection criteria. They also heard about different ways of EAVE’s response to ongoing changes happening in international audiovisual ecosystem.

The Talk allowed exchange between the speaker and the attendees. Through such online safe spaces EWA members learn more about different initiatives but also use it as a place for informal networking among each other.