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Croatian filmmakers reign the way

EWA is delighted to share the Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s (HAVC's) fabulous brochure: "Cinderellas, Queens and Godmothers", which puts the spotlight on Croatian female filmmakers.

The brochure was produced for the joint EWA/HAVC cocktail networking event in Cannes film festival earlier this year. Highlights include details about leading Croatian producers and directors, including: the directors Vanja Svilicic and Vlatka Vorkapic; the director of the documentary "The boy who rushed" (2001): Biljana Cakic Veselic; Irena Skoric whose first feature was "7seX7", an ode to life and erotica inspired by Boccaccio’s "Decameron"; the Juka sisters, Ivona and Anita, director and producer respectively whose upcoming feature "The Other" is hotly anticipated, as well as the producers Suzana Pandek and Olinka Vistica to name but a few. EWA would also like to once again thank HAVC for their huge support for EWA at this year's Cannes Film Festival.