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Cameras filming in 6 continents. LIFE WITHIN feature stories around the world

The collaborative project LIFE WITHIN will feature stories from filmmakers around the world.

Three years after the acclaimed documentary Singled [Out], a new film by directors Mariona Guiu and Ariadna Relea arrives: LIFE WITHIN. The project explores the collaborative format as a tool to collect different ideas about "the worst crisis since World War II", in the words of António Guterres, UN General Secretary.


Barcelona, April 21st. Filmmakers Mariona Guiu and Ariadna Relea (Singled [Out]) have partnered up again to direct a new documentary film. This time they will count on the collaboration of several directors confined to their homes in several countries on  6 continents: Africa, The Americas, Asia, Australia /Oceania and Europe.

"As documentary filmmakers we often explore the lives of others to try to understand the society around us, to understand ourselves. But now that we are locked in everywhere out of obligation, or responsibility, perhaps it is a time to look inward. And by doing so, we might discover that, just as we look inward, it is how we look outward when telling our stories," says Ariadna Relea.

LIFE WITHIN is a co-production between 9am Media Lab (USA), led by Ana Castañosa and Rebeca Villar (The Rise Of The Synths), and Suricata Stories (Spain), the directors’ production company.

This is a collaborative documentary in which documentary filmmakers from 17 countries on six continents, confined to their homes, aim their cameras out a window to peer at the outside world. They narrate the concerns and questions about this great moment of change that we are experiencing, through different situations that are more or less reflexive, more or less poetic, more or less quotidian.

What does stopping mean for the world? What is it like to live in isolation in Barcelona, Milan, Moscow, Havana, New York, São Paolo, Alexandria, Hong Kong, Beijing or Melbourne? What difficulties and what opportunities does being locked in entail? Is this really an opportunity for change? If so, what change(s) are we looking for?

LIFE WITHIN reflects on these and other issues through a variety of voices of professionals who are used to observing reality and narrating it. People who, in spite of coming from very different cultures, live -right now and more than ever- in a comparable situation due to confinement and the health, economic and psychological threat the world is facing. The collaborative format, orchestrated by the directors and producers, offers multiple perspectives on this global occurrence by way of a personal and intimate story.

If you're based in China or Japan, you are welcome to join them!

please contact: Ana Castañosa, Producer.  Tel - +41 786 815 822


The process and the doco-makers

The participation of the filmmakers and the producers in various international professional programmes over the last decade has facilitated the selection of the collaborators, as they have a broad network of contacts.

"This starting point was very important for us to be able to invite not only directors from all over the world, but also of different ages, socio-economic backgrounds and heterogeneous personal situations, as far as possible. This diversity of voices reflects the transversality of this crisis," according to Mariona Guiu.

An extensive list of directors whose films have been screened at prestigious film festivals such as the Berlinale, Tribeca, San Sebastian, Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Havana International Film Festival, Sheffield Doc Fest or Solothurn Filmtage are participating in this film : Xavier Artigas and Anna Sánchez (Barcelona, Spain); Elisa Moreno and José Arana (Madrid, Spain); Martha Zein (Palma de Mallorca, Spain); Juan Nasra (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Tom Ehrhardt and Dácio Pinheiro (Berlin, Germany); Genevieve Bailey (Melbourne, Australia); Ed Andrade, (São Paulo, Brazil); Belkis Vega(Havana, Cuba); Mayye Zayed (Alexandria, Egypt); Anaïs Huerta (Paris, France); Yamin Tun (Hong Kong); Clio Sozzani (Milan, Italy); Shiva Shairan Koirala, (Kathmandu, Nepal); Marianela Vega (Lima, Peru); Ana Brzezińska(Warsaw, Poland); Clémentine Dusabejambo and Natacha Muziramakenga (Kigali, Rwanda); Gayane Petrosyan (Moscow, Russia); Orane Burri, (Neuchâtel, Switzerland); Sian-Pierre Regis, (New York, NY, USA) and Susan Muska (Cape Cod, MA, USA) .

Regarding this long list, the producers add: "A production like this requires more stories than can possibly be added to the final cut of the film, but we want to release all the stories we have, either within the film, in versions of the film, or with an alternative format of the project, such as a webdoc or a web series".

In recent weeks, Ariadna Relea and Mariona Guiu have had discussions with each of the filmmakers to provide them with guidelines and define the individual stories. With a flexible production calendar, since it depends on the duration of confinement in each country, Relea and Guiu have already begun reviewing the footage. Their work will now focus on viewing all the material, as well as following up and redirecting - if necessary - the stories with each of the directors. They expect to kick off the next phase, scripting and editing, between May and June.


The producers expect to have an EPK, website and social media profiles available by the end of April.

For more information or interview requests, please contact:
Ana Castañosa, Producer.  Tel - +41 786 815 822