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Welcome the new Bulgarian Female in Film Association

Bulgarian Women in Film Joining EWA Network

EWA Network is delighted to welcome to our community the newly formed association EWA.BG.

The association was founded by the end of 2023 and its board is composed by Mira Staleva (director of Sofia Film Fest, Sofia Meetings and in the board of EFA), producer Katya Trichkova  and  writer-producer and chairwoman of the association Zornitsa Sophia.

"We gather in the name of principles, not interests. In a small country like ours interests rule for quite some time now, we would like to make a difference by uniting in the name of principles that are in sync with the similar organisations in Europe"

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Founders meeting Dec23


We are convinced that women have a key role as creators and content producers in the audiovisual sector and in its realization. This manifesto is a declaration of our commitment to improving the representation of women in Bulgarian film and television industry. Together we will strive to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a dynamic space where every woman can and deserves to excel and grow.

This manifesto is a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive and thriving film and television creative industry.

Equality and Inclusion:
We advocate for equal opportunity and fair representation of women at all levels in the audiovisual sector. We believe that diversity in the film industry reflects the versatile, multifaceted and multidirectional aspects of the development of Bulgarian society. Our Association works to secure funding, promote gender-sensitive policies, and create an environment conducive to the prosperity of women in the film and television industry. In doing so, we will ensure that our voices and our works contribute to the cultural richness ofBulgaria, fitting into identical trends of the European audiovisual sector.

Advocacy and leadership:
We support the leadership of Bulgarian women in the audiovisual sector. Our Association will strive to promote women's participation in decision-making, including at the level of legislation and strategic planning, thus making our voice heard. Our proposals aim not only at equality and inclusion of women in the sector, but also at a more stable working environment in accordance with the principles of the one in the European context. We are actively engaged in a dialogues, initiated by us when necessary, with other interested parties in the film and television industry and government institutions to defend policies that support equality and access of women to Bulgarian audiovisual sector and the creation of a more sustainable, equitable and efficient model of film production in Bulgaria, based on principles rather than interests.

We recognize the power of mutual support and knowledge sharing to unleash the potential of each professional. Our Association actively works to provide resources, mentoring and educational practices, and a professional network that empower women to grow in their careers - from emerging artists/creators/producers to experienced professionals.

Cultural identity and creative freedom:
We believe in the unique perspectives and visions that women bring to the audiovisual sector and recognize their absence for decades. We advocate for creative freedom by encouraging women to push boundaries, disrupt the status quo, and tell stories that resonate with our - female - authenticity and sensibility. Our Association supports projects and ideas that highlight the wealth of human experience.

In pursuing our goals, we are guided by protection of the founding principles expressed in this manifesto, not by protection of individual self-interests.

We encourage collaboration within Bulgarian audiovisual sector and beyond. Our Association encourages and actively participates in partnerships with national and international organizations, exchanging ideas, sharing experience and strengthening the global impact of Bulgarian women in the audiovisual sector.

Celebrating the achievements of Bulgarian women:
We are proud of Bulgarian women’s achievements - artists and professionals in the audiovisual sector. Our Association recognizes and honors the achievements of women who have made significant contribution to the industry, serving as role models and inspiration for future generations.

This manifesto expresses our commitment to shaping an audiovisual sector that values and supports the contribution of women. Through collective effort and shared vision, we strive to create an industry that reflects the richness of Bulgarian culture and empowers women to be leaders, storytellers and a driving force for positive change in the process.