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2018 EWA’s mentoring scheme: 11 producers

Discover the producers selected for EWA Network's mentoring scheme

We are pleased to announce the selection of the mentees for EWA Mentoring Scheme for emerging women producers who will meet their mentors in Trieste on 21 January 2018.

EWA’s Producer’s Mentoring Scheme will allow mentees to upgrade the core skills and competences needed in their profession such as financing, negotiating, management and business development. Mentors do not deliver solutions to mentees, the purpose of mentoring is to bring the mentee’s professional growth to an upper level.
The program will run for 12 months and starts with a one day introductory meeting of mentees and mentors in Trieste during WEMW 2018.

Anna Maria Bofarull
KaBoGa art & films - Spain


Sarah Born
Catpics - Switzerland


Andrea Gautier
Smiz and Pixel - Spain


Izabela Igel
Harine Films - Poland


Maja Popovic
Sense Production - Serbia


Yulia Serdyukova
Honest Fish Documentary Stories - Ukraine


Murielle Thierrin
Aldabra Film - France


Nadia Trevisan
Nefertiti Film - Italy

Three further applicants were selected to meet with mentors on a bilateral basis:

Elizabeth Karlsen (United Kingdom) mentoring Christine Günther (Germany )

Lise Lense-Moller (Denmark) mentoring Izaskun Arandia (Spain)

Rebecca O ’Brien (United Kingdom) mentoring Lucie Wenigerova (United Kingdom)