EWA Network is delighted to partner with The Claims Conference for the first time, in a webinar which will focus on international co-productions. Stories of the Holocaust often cross borders and films on the subject can lend themselves to funding from multiple regions.

Producer Amanda de Luis, whose Claims Conference-supported project Each of Us is a co-production between Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Poland, will walk us through topics ranging from how to choose co-production partners to the benefits of a co-production for distribution. Whether you’re working on a documentary or a narrative film, the questions and considerations about working with multiple partners are the same. Please bring your questions and join us for what will be an informative session!

WHEN: Monday, March 25th at 5 PM CET


Amanda de Luis has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She trained in the USA in the field of documentary production and directing. In 2005 she moved back to Barcelona where she worked in development departments for production companies such as La Diferencia, Alta Realitat or A Contraluz Films. In 2010 she was a participant at the19th ACE Training Year and joined the ACE Producers Network.

She has been the executive producer of the television series Les Coses Grans and the documentary When a Dream Comes True, co-producer of La Estrella, and associate producer of The Frost. She has also worked as a cost controller on films such as Alegría, Tristeza, A Perfect Enemy, or Boi. She has written and directed music videos, short films and videos for raising public awareness and funding campaigns for NGOs in a number of countries. She is currently the executive producer of the feature film project Each of Us by Neus Ballús, Anne Zhora Berrached, Anna Jadowska and Stina Werenfels (Spanish-German-Swiss-Polish co-production) and the writer/director of the documentary series Iceberg (Spanish-Belgium-Polish co-production).