EWA Network will be participating in working sessions for the theme 'Gender Balance in the Cultural and Creative Sectors' alongside other                                                       34 organizations chosen for this dialogue.

All participants  will attend a Brainstorming Meeting at Goethe-Institut Prag followed by a Dialogue Meeting in November in Brussels.


In 2007, the European Agenda for Culture, adopted by the Commission, set out three strategic objectives, namely the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, the promotion of culture as a catalyst for creativity and the promotion of culture as a vital element in the Union’s international relations.

It also introduced two tools for cooperation in the field of culture at EU level: the Open Method of Coordination  with EU Member States and a Structured Dialogue with civil society. Through the Structured Dialogue, the Commission maintains a regular dialogue with civil society. During this process, stakeholders provide key ideas and messages that can also be shared with the relevant OMC experts. This dialogue with the culture sector provides a framework for exchanging views and information, and ensures that the voice of civil society organisations is heard.