The European Women's Audiovisual Network invites you to celebrate five fiction series made by women and released in 2023.

Join us on the 19th of March  for a lively event where we will watch trailers and excerpts from 5 selected series of 2023 and discuss why we felt these shows deserve a shout-out, and more importantly, what we can learn from their success. We will be joined on staged by some of the super-talented women who have produced these shows.

When - March 19th at 1400-1500 CET
Where - Series Mania Forum, Room 3.5, Grand Palais, Lille -

No need to register, but make sure to arrive before the event since the rooms fill quite fast.


Aina Clotet. Spain. Creator, dire tor and lead. This is Not Sweden

Carlotta Calori, . Indigo Film, Italy. Producer Corpo Libero/The Gymnasts

Emma Norton  Element Pictures, Ireland. Producer. The DRY

Marta Baldó, Funicular Films Spain. Producer. This is not Sweden

Moderator: Edel Brosnan, EWA Network