Meeting with Anne-Marie Borsboom, founder of ShareDOC

EWA Network is delighted to host Anne-Marie Borsboom, the founder of ShareDOC, a platform that lets you embark on the protagonist's journey and provide a tool to support the person. With ShareDoc everyone can be a change-maker.


WHEN: MARCH 19 at 16h CET

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More about ShareDOC

ShareDoc is the brainchild of Anne-Marie Borsboom, an Amsterdam native working as a filmmaker and producer. Anne-Marie was the first camerawoman in the Netherlands, collaborating with a broad array of directors. Her entire filmography has been broadcasted in the Netherlands. 'Homesick', 'Caraval Woman ', and 'Boi, Song of a Wanderer ‘ that  was nominated for Prix Europa and TIFF in the category Best International Documentary, are some of the movies made by Anne-Marie. Throughout her career, she engaged and interacted with film festival directors and filmmakers, which gave her the idea to create a platform that empowers documentary makers and their audiences to give back. ShareDoc is the result of her journey as a devoted filmmaker. Anne Marie Borsboom is the founder& CEO ShareDoc. For the project, she collaborates with Ruth Terpstra Go-Founder ShareDoc, she is a freelance sound technician in the film industry with extensive experience in project innovation and management.

The Foundation Share.Doc is officially formed in 2018, is made out of Ada Vermeer-Janse -Treasures ShareDoc (accountant as profession) and José Smits - Chairman ShareDoc (Works as independent socioeconomic research consultant, specializing in social inclusiveness ) and Michelle van den Berg -Secretary ShareDoc (humanitarian project manager at Oxvam Novib). Its role will be to monitor the state of affairs of the ShareDoc foundation.