Increase Creativity through Safety with Pia Rickman

We are excited to welcome Pia Rickman to our Online Hangouts to speak about the work of an Intimacy Coordinator in the audiovisual industries. In this session, we’ll discuss

1. Who are intimacy coordinators and what do they do
2. Common challenges working with intimacy and what does collaboration between the departments look like
3. Available resources & intimacy guidelines
4. When and how to find an intimacy coordinator

“Intimacy is individual and, therefore, we can never guarantee safety, but we can aim to remove obstacles to safety by creating a culture of consent while embracing accountability at all levels when working with intimate content in Film, TV and Live Performance.”


The meeting will take place on APRIL 24th from 16h to 17h Central European Summer Time

Pia Rickman is an intimacy coordinator (IC) based in London. Originally from Finland, Pia’s on-set experience as an assistant director and production manager, and her current position as a senior lecturer of acting, gives Pia a unique angle on intimacy coordination both within education and the industry. Pia is co-director of Nordic Intimacy Coordinators NIC and co-founder of The Intimacy Practitioners’ Guild IPG Europe. Internationally Pia has worked in productions for Warner Bros, Apple, BBC, Sky and Netflix, and she established the role of an IC in Finland in 2019 where she has worked in multi-awarded feature films like Tove (2020) and Girl Picture (2022).