Meeting with Volha Paulovich, founder of PentoPix

EWA Network is delighted to host Volha Paulovich, the founder of PentoPix, an AI-assisted tool that accelerates content production by turning long-form text into editable 3D scenes and then into high-quality video. We are enthusiastic about this meeting!

WHEN: MAY 9th at 16 h CET

EWA members will receive an invitation to attend this talk.


Through an online space where EWA members from all around can connect and know each other, we organise once a month a meeting where an expert introduces a topic followed by Q&A and members can interact.

Each meeting will last 75 minutes aprox and it's open to 20-25 EWA members, who can introduce themselves and participate in the following Q&A.

An invitation to join the talk will be sent to EWA members (first come, first served basis).

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More about Volha Paulovich

Volha is the visionary co-founder and COO of PentoPix. With over a decade of content production expertise, she's revolutionizing movie-making by infusing technology into creative workflows. PentoPix's AI platform redefines storytelling, turning scripts into mesmerizing 3D scenes and videos, earning acclaim worldwide like at SXSW and ITFS.

EWA and PentoPix organise an interactive workshop to explore the collaborative storytelling.

At the online meeting you will:

- Learn more about AI and it’s place in the creative workflow
- Discover how PentoPix works and what’s the underlying technology
- Collaborate on a story with other audience members. We will create previz and
render videos using PentoPix platform.