Mentoring Seminar: The human side of Co-Production Stories. Communicating with Impact

Thi session is exclusive for the participants of the Mentoring Programme

This session will consist of a workshop, a follow up of CO-PRODUCTION STORIES: The Human Side - Communication  with impact, a workshop meant to be a safe space to discuss and perfect the art of communication when navigating cultural differences. A group meeting was held over the following week.

EWA Network is proud to host this seminar with Bonnie Williams,a communication expert in an interactive seminar about how we communicate considering the cultural differences which will be followed by a Q&A.

Co-Production Stories: The Human Side - Communicating with Impact

A good co-production process is like a healthy marriage. The more you understand the way you and your partner operate, the better you can make it work together.  Of course there will always be issues. How you deal with them often determines the success of your partnership.

The seminar will consist of a facilitated discussion to share experiences, insights, & tips on navigating the human dynamics of the co-production process.


This seminar is part of the Ewa Network Mentoring Programme for female producers.

Bonnie Williams

Bonnie Williams: American born and Amsterdam based, her primary area of work is the film industry. She gives on-line pitching masterclasses and public speaking seminars. She coaches individual project teams, actors, filmmakers and moderators on presenting & interview techniques. She directs and coaches voiceover narration for documentary filmmakers and non-native actors on their English speaking roles. She also coaches business leaders, experts and social impact speakers. And many other people with vision who need to be heard.

She is a senior speaker coach for TEDxAmsterdamWomen and other corporate TEDx events. A bit more name-dropping? IDFA, IFFR, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, CEE Animation Forum, Creative Europe, B2B Doc, FilmmarketHub Pitchbox, etc.

You can learn even more about her by reading what her clients say.