Mentoring Programme Acceleration workshop:

Alternative Financing and company's mission

The final activity of EWA Network Mentoring Programme for emerging Female prodcuers will take place over the next weeks. It will consist of the Acceleration Workshop ‘Financing Audiovisual in Times of Transformation’.

It will offer these female entrepreneurs a tailored support for re-evaluating not only their audiovisual projects but their companies as well. By enabling participants to create suitable alternative financing options the programme will lay the foundation for improved strategic business and financing decisions, ultimately for building sustainable audiovisual companies and lucrative professional careers.

The sessions are designed in form of impulse and workshop presentations, of group- and homework and intensive individual mentoring rounds. The programme is designed to entirely take place on-line and we're proud to have Juliane Schulze as the expert conducting the sessions.

The mentoring programme is a training initiative by EWA Network supported by Creative Europe.

SESSION 1 'Financing Audiovisual in Times of Transformation'

Which alternative financing strategies help independent audiovisual professionals to succeed in an ever-changing value chain?

  • What do we need to consider when re-assessing our offer to audiences and financiers?
  • How can we convince investors or other players to come on board?
  • What do we need to present to them why and how do we best start the dialogue?

January 31 at 10h CET

This presentation by Juliane Schulze, Board Member at Media Deals, will offer participants a broader look at business development and resulting financing options to develop investment strategies for their projects or companies.

SESSION 2 'Why do you do what you do?'

  • Why do we or our companies need a Mission Statement?
  • Who wants to know why we do what we do?
  • What can we learn from the communication of creative leaders?
  • Introduction to how to write a mission statement.

February 1 at 10h CET

This seminar will help participants to drill into their project or company DNA and to build a foundation for their business and financing strategies. By crystallising their values as assets, they will create a distinguishable profile of their projects or ventures.

SESSION 3 'Pitching Session'

February 8 at 10h

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