European Film Promotion and EWA Network Webinar: The challenge of on-screen and off-screen authentic representation in film. 

EWA Network is delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar with the team of European Film Promotion (EFP)  and the participants in the 2024's programme Europe! Voices of Women in Film on Tuesday 28 of May.

WHEN: Online on May 28th at 16h CEST.

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Join EWA’s Executive Director Anamaria Antoci, Director Of Programmes Alexia Muiños Ruiz and Director of Strategy Edel Brosnan, EFP’s Managing Director Sonja Heinen and Project Director Andreas Struck, as well as the wonderful female filmmakers taking part in this year’s Europe! Voices of Women in Film, as part of the 2024 Sydney Film Festival, for a frank and open conversation about the process of creating audiovisual work.

This one-hour informal panel discussion will explore the importance of authentic representation both on-screen and off-screen. How do you approach telling truthful, often challenging stories with protagonists  who are much younger, or indeed older, than you, often from very different backgrounds or to your own? And how do you sidestep the dangers of cliché or stereotype? How do you protect your actors or your real-life subjects when you are exploring sensitive themes? And what should we do to achieve better diversity and inclusion among our film crews?

Recognising that every film shoot is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we will share experiences and insights from six talented filmmakers. We will also touch on the best way to get beyond your first or second feature to build a long term sustainable career as a director.


The line-up for this year's edition of EUROPE! VOICES OF WOMEN IN FILM at Sydney Film Festival (SFF, 5 - 16 June) has now been confirmed. The 9th edition of the long-standing collaboration between European Film Promotion (EFP) and the SFF presents films by outstanding European women filmmakers to the Australian audiences, film industry and press.

This year's selection made by SFF festival director Nashen Moodley consists of two documentaries and four feature films, including two feature debuts. These six films are united in their artistic intention of lending a voice to a younger generation and allowing older people to be heard:

Birgitte Stærmose, AFTERWAR (Denmark, Kosovo, Sweden, Finland 2024)

Una Gunjak, EXCURSION (Ekskurzija) (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, France, Norway, Qatar 2023)

Maja Tschumi, IMMORTALS (Switzerland, Iraq 2024)

Katja Gauriloff, JEVIDA (Finland 2023)

Michèle Jacob, THE LOST CHILDREN (Les enfants perdus) (Belgium 2023)

Elza Gauja, A POSTCARD FROM ROME (Pastkarte no Romas) (Latvia 2024)