Increased creativity through safety: Hang Out with Pia Rickman

We resume our Online Hang outs  in great excitement to have Pia Rickman speaking about the work of an intimacy coordinator in the audiovisual industry.

1. Who are intimacy coordinators and what do they do

2. Common challenges around intimacy and what does  collaboration between departments look like

3. International intimacy guidelines

4. When and how to find an intimacy coordinator


This HangOut session provides an introduction to what an intimacy coordinator does, how the role has developed and how guidelines and a clear structure can help you, as a director/ producer in creating a safe and sound work environment that enables the artistic storytelling in intimate scenes.

Date: February 18th

⏰       18:00 (CET)


Through an online space where EWA members from all around can connect and know each other, we organise once a month a meeting where an expert introduces a topic followed by Q&A and members can interact.

Each meeting will last 90 minutes and include 20-25 members, who can introduce themselves and participate in the following Q&A.

An invitation to join the talk will be sent to EWA members next monday (first come, first served basis).

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Pia Rickman is an intimacy coordinator and screen acting coach based in Helsinki and London. Pia’s on-set experience as an assistant director and production manager, and her current position as a lecturer of acting, gives Pia a unique angle on intimacy coordination both within education and the industry. Pia is the co-founder of Nordic Intimacy Coordinators and founding member of The Intimacy Practitioner’s Guild EU/UK