Hang out with Asia Jarzyna. Get to know WILLCO

EWA Network is delighted to host Asia Jarzyna, founder of the WILLCO, to share with EWA members the bits and bobs of this cloud application conceived to make film & tv production management more sustainable and easier.


About Asia Jarzyna

Founder and CEO of willco, on-cloud production management software, Sustainability
Manager and Production Coordinator with nearly 20 years of experience in independent and
studio productions. Expert in impact reduction strategies through the digitalization of production
processes and sustainable production methods.

Check her IMDb profile here


Willco is a cloud application for film and TV production, that combines features of Production
Management and Coordination, born out of a strong desire to more efficiently and sustainably.
Willco handles the essential production aspects: cast and crew hiring, suppliers’ administration,
locations' management, scheduling of preproduction and shooting activities. It integrates
features of secure information sharing, digital approval, issuing of production documents,
paperless legal documentation processing and secure distribution, as well as collection of
certain data for environmental impact evaluation.

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