How to start in Virtual Reality

Michaela Pnacekova, Marion Guth and Valentina Paggiarin will be unveiling the key steps  of producing and making VR films. From the idea to the editing.


Date: June 25th

⏰     at 17:30 (CET)


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Meet the experts

Michaela Pnacekova


Michaela Pnacekova is an interactive creator, producer and a PhD candidate at York University. Her focus lies in the ways new media impact the real through interaction with algorithmic processes and artificial intelligence.

Her first VR piece Symphony of Noise was shown at VRHAM!, Reeperbahn Music Festival and IDFA Doc Lab Competition 2019.

She co-produced Chomsky vs. Chomsky: First Encounter with NFB and Eyesteel Film, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2020.

She created an interactive predictive policing app Pre-Crime Calculator and produced three feature length documentaries (Border Cut, Scars, Waterproof), which have been shown at DOK Leipzig, IDFA, Prague One World Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, GoEast Film Festival, and more.

She also worked on the Oscar® nominated documentary Last Men in Aleppo as the German production coordinator which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2017. She received EWA Development Award 2017, Special Mention at the Bosch Stiftung East European Co-Production Prize 2014 and Golden Frog for Best Feminist Play in 2009.

Marion Guth


Marion Guth is the co-founder of a_BAHN, a film production company based in Luxembourg.

She produced, among other, the highly-acclaimed animated film ZERO IMPUNITY by Blies Brothers (2019, Official Competition 42th Annecy International Animation Film Festival, 43th Sao Paulo International Film Festival, 41th Moscow International Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2020, Official Competition at 35th Guadalajara International Film Festival...), ARTE’s SOUNDHUNTERS by Beryl Koltz (2016, FIFA Montreal - Best Creative Documentary Award) or VR films like AYAHUASCA by Jan Kounen (2019, Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere, Official Competition Annecy International Animation Film Festival, 2019 Raindance Film Festival - Best Documentary Experience award) or COSMOS WITHIN US by Tupac Martir (76th Venice International Film Festival - Official competition, 2019 Raindance Film Festival - Best Experience award).

EAVE’s European Producer Workshop alumni and EWA member, she develop then her filmography around a committed cinema with a social impact. Each of her films is thus accompanied by concrete actions aimed at impacting the theme addressed.

Valentina Paggiarin


Valentina Paggiarin is a Producer, Director and Interactive Writer at Hive Division, specializing in new media and interactive narrative. After a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a PhD in Comparative Literatures, both with thesis based on narrative and performance in video games, Valentina has worked as a writer in the gaming industry (Ubisoft Milan) for three years before moving to Veneto to become one of the founders and current associates of Hive Division. Her role in Hive Division mainly covers that of Author and Producer: she writes scripts, short films, short stories, but she also actively works with other authors or directors to give shape to scripts for several kind of artistic and narrative projects.

As a Producer, Valentina has been working on many projects since Hive Division was born, from web-based video narration (such as Philanthropy, 2014) to videludic branded contents (Rainbow Six Siege: Real Life, 2015, Battlefield 1: Real Life, 2016) to teasers and trailers for independent short films (In Memoria, 2010, La Fiamma, 2019) and Unit Production Manager for feature films (Tonno Spiaggiato, 2017).

In 2015 Valentina has combined her passion for narration and moviemaking with her strong heritage from the videogame field and, together with Hive Division, she has started developing contents as a VR Producer (Virtual Reality Producer). Working and experimenting for VR productions both in the field of advertising (with branded contents for top companies such as L’Oréal, Lottomatica, Enel, Hugo Boss, Zegna, and others) and with original projects, Valentina has acquired the know-how to develop, produce and distribute independent VR works and in 2016 has completed, together with Hive Division and Ailuros, Open Maze, the first Italian 360o theatrical performance. In 2017 she produced and directed Dreams of Blue, a state of the art 360o immersive experience, selected by main festivals worldwide and distributed by Wide Management, who won a Lumiere Award for “Best 360o Linear Narrative” in 2019 . Thanks to these experiences, Valentina and Hive Division are now deeply rooted in the worldwide 360o/VR landscape and are developing new projects to keep experimenting with thisinnovative language and technology.